Our Doctors


Doctor Peter Callander
Peter W. Callander, M.D.
Knee and Hip Total Joint Replacement, Hip Resurfacing, Partial Knee Replacement, Knee Arthroscopy
Doctor Christopher Cox
Christopher Cox, M.D.
Knee and Hip Total Joint Replacement, General Orthopaedics
Doctor John Belzer
John Belzer, M.D.
Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy, Knee and Shoulder Reconstructive Surgery
Doctor Jon A. Dickinson
Jon A. Dickinson, M.D.
Sports Medicine, Shoulder and Knee
Doctor Keith Donatto
Keith Donatto, M.D.
Foot and Ankle Surgery, General Orthopaedics
Doctor William Green
William Green, M.D.
Sports Medicine, Upper Extremity Surgery, Knee Arthroscopy, Reconstructive Surgery
Doctor Adrian Rawlinson
Adrian Rawlinson, M.D.
Musculoskeletal & Sports Medicine
Doctor W. Scott Green
W. Scott Green, M.D.
Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery, Arthroscopy, Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery
Doctor Robert E. Mayle Jr.
Robert E. Mayle Jr. M.D.
Orthopaedic Surgery, Total Joint Replacement and Spinal Surgery
Doctor Rowan Paul
Rowan Paul, M.D.
Primary Care Sports Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, PRP, BMAC, Stem Cells, Dextrose, TENEX, Ultrasound, Tendonopathy, Nerve Hydro-dissection, Non-operative Orthopedics
Doctor Keith W. Chan
Keith W. Chan, M.D.
Sports Medicine, Arthroscopic and Reconstructive Surgery of the Shoulder, Hip and Knee
Doctor Mark Ignatius
Mark Ignatius, D.O.
Physical Medicine and Rehabiliation, Interventional Spine

Physician Assistants

At CPOSM, we've made Physician Assistants an integral part of our patient care philosophy. We know that healthcare facilities that employ PAs are better able to treat and refer patients in a timely manner with the highest quality of patient care and attention than those that don't. More →